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CAT & 3D Printing

Here at CAT 3D printing gives us the ability to develop new prototypes for our customers before outlaying capital on costly dies and tooling.

3D Printing - Benefits


  • Have a bespoke sample of a proposed solution modelled and made that can be put to the test physically and aesthetically as being fit for purpose.

  • 3D print items up to 22.3 cm × 22.3 cm × 20.5 cm using our industry-standard 3D printer.

  • Create high-resolution 3D prints down to layer resolutions of 50 microns using Fused Deposition Modelling.

  • Print strong parts with new Tough PLA from Ultimaker.

  • Choose from a standard range of material types and colours. Rigid and flexible prints are possible with many more materials/colours able to be utilized upon request.

The 3D printing process exists for the purpose of making three dimensional solid objects from digital files. It is often referred to as ‘additive manufacturing’ because the object is created by laying down successive layers of material until the required three-dimensional shape is created. The time needed, and the necessary initial investment required to produce a prototype part compared to traditional methods is dramatically reduced by this method.


This ability to rapidly prototype a design lends itself very well to the ‘bottom-up’ approach to solution creation. The designer can trial and error a design quickly in the real world to decide upon its efficacy before either making more tweaks or committing to the final form with confidence.

We would be able to produce finished models from a sketch with a few key dimensions, a 2d CAD file of the concept, or a 3D Model of the design.


Common file types accepted are DWG, DXF, STL, STEP, IGES, OBJ.


Flexible or rigid filament can be specified, along with material type and colour.


If a specified level of detail is required, the layer thickness can also be specified (microns).


Lead times will always depend upon complexity, size, and quality. We will always endeavour to supply our 3d printed samples within 7 days of a request.


Due to the bespoke nature of 3d printing, the variety of complexity and build times is great. Therefore we can only provide a quote based on your eventual STL file. To get a quote, please send a file or drawing to us, stating what quality, material, and colour you require and how many you need printing

CAT 3D Printing Floor Profiles

Reflex movement joint profile prototype


Kliks end stop with expansion profile prototype

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