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CAT FELINE A/9/2 Carpet to Carpet Designer Home Collection

The CAT Feline A92 DHC Aluminium Flooring Carpet Trim joins carpet to carpet with a smooth, attractive & high-quality surface finish. Also referred to as metal carpet trims or a door bar this profile is generally used in doorways to connect two pieces of carpet whilst adding colour and contrast to the decor.


The A92 profile is available in 8 high-quality finishes and 3 lengths options to accommodate single doors, double doorways or larger spans. 

Available Finishes:

  • Bright

  • Designer Satin

  • Bronze

  • Light Bronze

  • Pewter

  • Brushed Stainless

  • Onyx Black

  • Piano Black

Size Options​:

  • 0.900m

  • 2.715m

A/9/2 Technical Data Sheet

Carpet to Carpet Floor Trim Colours
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