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Aluminium Stair Nosings, Stair Edging 

CAT manufactures a comprehensive range of aluminium stair nosings, stair edgings and non-slip stair nosing for theatres, restaurants, offices and residential homes. These stair nosings are designed to be used with carpets, LVT flooring, oak flooring and many other flooring installations. For further information or to request a sample, please contact the CAT Customer Service Team on 01582 561500.

2.5mm Aluminium Stair Nosing

2.5 mm Gauge

Aluminium Stair Nosing with a low 2.5 mm profile. Commonly used with Bolon, LVT or where stairs have no surface floor covering.

5mm Aluminium Stair Nosing

5.0 mm Gauge

5mm Gauge Aluminium Nosings are commonly used with carpet and carpet tiles and can be combined with ANE NAP detail for fitted carpet.

Aluminium Black Anodised Nosing

CAT Black Anodised

CAT's Black Stair Nosings offer a sleek, elegant finish to any commercial staircase & pair with carpet tiles, LVT and many other floor coverings.

Stair Nosings UK

Nosings for Ceramics

Aluminum Nosings are designed for thicker floor coverings such as stone, ceramics and timber floor coverings such as engineered oak.

Stair Nosings with Concealed Fixings | Stair Trim

Concealed Fixings

Aluminium Stair Edgings with retrofit infills designed to mask the mechanical fixing to the subfloor. Available with a ramped back edge.

Aluminium Solid Ribbed Nosings

Solid Ribbed Nosings

Solid Aluminium Nosings are available in 3 finishes, mill aluminium, satin aluminium and polished aluminium. Available in 3 gauges, 3.0, 3.5 & 6 mm.

Castellated Staircase Edgings

Castellated Nosing

Solid Aluminium Nosings with high-grip castellated treads. Available in four different profiles to suit different stair edgings and situations.

Olympic Heavy Duty Aluminium Stair Nosings

Olympic Heavy Duty

Aluminium Nosings with an anti-slip carborundum infill. Commonly used external environments to provide increase grip in consistently wet areas.

Aluminium LVT Stair Edge Profiles - stair trim

Aluminium LVT

Ultra-Low Profile Aluminium Nosings designed for use with LVT floor coverings such as Karndean, Amtico, Polyflor and Moduleo.

Aluminium Stair Nosings With-Stainless Steel Covers
Stainless Steel Covers

Nosings with Stainless Steel Covers offering the appearance of solid stainless without disadvantages such as cost & impractical onsite fabrication.

Aluminium Chequer Plate Stair Nosing
Chequer Plate Nosing

Commonly fitted directly to painted concrete staircases to increase grip. Can also be routed into timber steps to provide a flush, hardwearing tread.

CAT Stair-Tread Inserts Aluminium - Stair Trim
Staircase Insert Plates

Aluminium Staircase Insert Plates are inset into the step providing excellent slip resistance and definition to the edge of stair treads.

Aluminium Stringers Trims

CAT manufacture aluminium stringer trims to match our nosing finishes. Stringers are designed to mask the cut edge of stair nosings & floorcoverings and as a trim detail for landings and areas where there is no foot traffic to the leading edge.
Stair Nosing Stringer Trims Aluminium
Stair Nosing LRV's
LRV's Light Reflective Values

The current guidance in the regulations BS8300:2009 is that adequate visual contrast is provided if the Light Reflectance Value (LRV) of the contrasting areas exceeds 30 points, “i.e., the contrast between the stair edging and the floor covering”. The testing equipment used to assess the LRV of C.A.T. product finishes is an integrated sphere spectrophotometer.

CAT Aluminium Stair Nosing Information


CAT stair nosings are manufactured to the highest specification in brass and aluminium. A selection of nosings have ribbed treads, others have castellated treads and there are those with PVC infills that are available in a range of colours. BTI49.5, ATI49.5 and ATI37.25 metal tread inserts are also available to provide for an all-metal installation with concealed fixings

Choose from nosings in various gauges and shapes to accommodate different step edges and floorings. A number of nosings are designed with a diminished edge for retrofit installation on hard floorings, including vinyl, terrazzo, wood, etc.



CAT manufactures a wide range of colours and finishes including, Polished Brass, Satin Brass, Antique Brass, Antique Bronze, Polished Aluminium & Satin Aluminium. Please see the specific product page for specs, including available finishes, lengths etc.

Please note that we are constantly developing new finishes. Please contact the CAT Customer Service Department for the latest developments or if you have any questions.

CAT are proud to offer a FREE Worldwide Sample Service up to three samples. Please use the link below to request samples.

Stair Nosings FAQs

What is an Aluminium Stair Nosing or Stair Edging?


An aluminium nosing, sometimes described as an interior stair trim consists of a solid aluminium angle or aluminium capping shaped to increase slip resistance to the edge of a staircase. Some aluminium nosings are manufactured solid or with a recess for a secondary slip-resistant infill. These infills can be made out of metal or PVC and are manufactured in various colours to highlight the edge of the step, increasing safety. 

Are Aluminium Stair Nosings Anti Slip or Non-Slip?


CAT stair nosing infills and treads have been independently tested for slip resistance values (SRV). For use in dry conditions all our stair nosings and infill test results show a low risk of slip. CAT also manufactures a range of purpose-designed stair nosings for use in external or wet areas which exhibit a low risk of slip in wet conditions. The values for each nosing style (click here) are for the normal direction of travel when installed on stairs, i.e., ascending and descending.

What is the best fixing option for Aluminium Stair Nosings?

It is recommended that stair nosings be installed using *adhesive and mechanical fixings to ensure against 'rattle' and achieve the most secure fixing. PVC Infill should be fitted at room temperature, not cold environments, to avoid the possibility of contraction.

CAT *recommend using STYCCO FLEX to fix any of its extensive range of stair nosings, stair edgings and stair insert products. STYCCO FLEX is a rapid curing flexible adhesive with excellent gap filling properties that can be used outside as well as inside. *subject to following the instructions given by F. Ball and Co Ltd in their STYCCO FLEX product technical data sheet, safety data sheet and installation guidelines, available in full from

How do I Measure a Stair Nosing & Stair Edgings?


When measuring stair nosings, steps should be numbered from top to bottom, indicating floor levels, flights and landings for the cutting and installation plan. Staircases with open strings should be measured oversize by 50mm for cutting on site. A measuring/ordering sheet can be found in our catalogue, or please call the CAT.

Are Stair Nosings a Legal Requirement?

In a commercial building, the use of stair nosings or stair edgings is a legal requirement. In the UK please refer to the Building Regulation Document K, Protecting from Falling and Document M, Access to and use of buildings.

Three Aspects to be aware of:

  • Size of Nosing - The recommended size of the tread should be 50-65 mm and the riser height should be 30-55 mm.

  • LRV's - The nosing is required to have a distinctive difference in colour from the floor covering. Measured as an LRV, Light Reflective Value, the difference between the floor covering and nosing must be a minimum of 30 points.

  • Slip Resistance - The material on the tread must provide a high level of slip resistance. Please note that all CAT Stair Nosings pass the Pendulum Test and all are designated with a low slip potential.

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