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AN59SL Slimline 2.5mm Aluminium Stair Nosing

Product Description
The AN59SL is a slimline aluminium stair nosing available with a variety of infill options such as PVC Castleated or an Aluminium ATI. The infill options or inserts are available in a range of colours as shown below. The body or channel of the stair nosing is available in four finishes, mill aluminium, satin, polished and black anodised.

This square 2.5mm gauge single-channel stair nosing is ideal for use with resilient flooring and has a 59mm tread with a 30mm riser.

This profile can be supplied drilled with a Retrofit Castellated PVC Insert for a hidden fixing or with an ATI49.5 for a full aluminium concealed fixing installation. Also available with smooth textured PVC or CAT's anti-slip Olympic grip infill.

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Available Finishes:

  • Mill Aluminium

  • Satin Aluminium

  • Polished Aluminium

  • Black Anodised Aluminium

Size Options​:

Ordered to Measure

Max Lengths

  • Mill Alu                         3.2m

  • Satin Alu                      3.2m

  • Polished Alu                3.2m

  • Black Anodised Alu    2.7m


Infill Options:

  • PVC Castellated

  • Smooth Textured

  • ATI49.5 Insert

  • Olympic Grip

Drilling Options​ PVC Infill:

  • Drilled retro

  • Drilled for countersunk screws

  • Drilled for concealing plugs 

  • Undrilled 

Drilling Options​ ATI & Olympic:

  • Drilled retrofit infill

  • Undrilled​