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CAT Angles & Tag Trims™

CAT supply a large range of Angles which allow the creation a neat, straight edge between floor coverings. In addition CAT supply a range of Tag Trims to match. These are easily formable to a curve onsite.

Aluminium Angles & Tag Trims

Aluminium Angles & Tag Trims 

To create a neat, straight or curved edge between floor coverings. Supplied with pre-punched bases for adhesive fixing.

Brass Angles & Tag Trims

Brass Angles & Tag Trims

To create a neat, straight or curved edge between floor coverings. Available in CAT's four high-quality brass finishes. 

Stainless Steel Angles & Tag Trims

Stainless Steel Angles & Tag Trims

Highly resilient 304L Stainless Steel angles are designed to create a neat, straight or curved edge between floors coverings.



Colours are shown for guidance only. Please request a sample for accurate referencing.

CAT Straight and Formable Angles

CAT manufactures a wide selection of flooring angles from aluminium, brass and stainless steel. Many of these profiles are designed to define the edge between two-floor coverings. The profiles are available in various heights to accommodate different floor coverings and different situations. All of the profiles are also available in a straight trim for straight transitions or a formable Tag Trim. These Tag Trims are used to create curves onsite by fixing and gently bending the trim to form the desired curve. Each of our Tag Trims has a symbol that denotes the minimum radius to which the profile can be formed to create gradual concave and convex curves. All CAT's aluminium angles, brass angle and stainless steel angles are available as free samples, please click the button below to order.


Can you Angles be used as tile trims?


Although not originally designed to be used with tiles our angles are extremely versatile and can be used where ever a metal angle is required for either decoration, protection or both. Please note that CAT manufacture Reflex Movement Joints to eliminate fracturing in large areas of ceramics.

Can I use these trims for a Mattwell Frame?


CAT Manufacture a specific range for mattwell frame profiles please click here to view. However, any of our aluminium angles, brass angles and stainless steel angles can be used as a mattwell frame or indeed any situation where a 90 degree angle is required. Please be aware that finishes are only applied to the top visible edge only. Where the finish is also required on another facet of the profile, please consult with our customer service team on 01582 561500.

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