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Brass Stair Nosing's & Brass Stair Edgings

CAT manufactures a comprehensive range of solid brass nosings, stair edgings and non-slip stair nosing for theatres, restaurants, offices and residential homes. These brass stair nosings are designed to be used with carpet stair treads, LVT flooring, oak flooring and many other flooring installations.

Antique Brass Nosing

Brass Nosings with Inserts

Brass Nosings with insert channel including anti-slip insert plates such as Castellated PVC, Brass Tread Inserts (BTI's), Olympic Grip and Carborundum.  


Solid Brass Stair Nosings

Solid Brass & Antique Brass Nosings provide a stylish alternative to aluminium nosings. Typical installations include theatres, museums, public houses and listed buildings where traditional design is specified.

LVT Brass Stair Nosing

LVT Brass Stair Nosings

Brass Nosing designed to accommodate 3 mm or 5 mm LVT Vinyl Flooring such as Amtico, Karndean or Polyflor.


Aluminium Ramps

A comprehensive range of Aluminium Flooring Ramps to accommodate various situations, heights and floor coverings.


Brass Ramps

Solid Brass Ramp Profiles supplied in four high-quality finishes including Antique Brass and Antique Bronze.



Stainless Steel Ramps

Highly resilient stainless steel ramps profiles designed for commercial applications and high traffic areas.


Feather Edges

Feather Edge Profiles provide a protective diminishing edge where there is a minor height difference between floor coverings.


Brass Staircase Inserts Plates

Stair Tread Inserts or non-slip strips are designed to define and provide slip resistance to the edge of the stair treads.

Staircase Stringer Trims Brass

Brass Staircase Stringers Trims

CAT manufacture solid brass stringer trims to match our four signature brass finishes. Brass Stringers are designed to conceal the cut edge of stair nosings & floorcoverings on open-sided staircases.

LRV's Light Reflective Values

LRV's Light Reflective Values

The current guidance in the regulations BS8300:2009 is that adequate visual contrast is provided if the Light Reflectance Value (LRV) of the contrasting areas exceeds 30 points, "i.e., the contrast between the stair edging and the floor covering". The testing equipment used to assess the LRV of CAT product finishes is an integrated sphere spectrophotometer.

CAT Brass Nosing's and Staircase Edgings

Brass Stair Nosings or Step Nosings are fitted to the leading edge of the step to offer protection, provide increased slip resistance for users and highlight the edge of the step to the eye. Brass Nosings can are categorized into four sections.


Brass Nosings with Inserts refer to a brass profile which is then fitted with a slip-resistant insert generally made from coloured PVC or solid brass (BTI's).

Solid Brass Nosings are manufactured from a single piece of brass with a ribbed tread to provide slip resistance. These profiles are then hand-finished in the UK in CAT's four Signature Brass Finishes, including polished brass and antique brass.

LVT Brass Nosings are designed to accept an LVT product such as Amtico or Karndean and protect the cut edge against lifting or excessive wear.

Brass Stair Tread Inserts similarly are manufactured like Brass Nosings with inserts; however, they are designed to be rebated into a wooden or stone staircase to provide a slip-resistant tread. 

All CAT nosings are designed to increase the slip resistance, highlight the step to the eye and provide a high-quality decorative finish to match the decor of buildings and staircases.


Can I order Samples of the Brass Nosings?


CAT are pleased to offer a fast international sample service for the entire range of brass nosings and nosing accessories. Up to three samples can be requested using our online sample form.​

What is the difference between Brass & Bronze Stair Edgings?

Brass and Bronze are both alloys of copper and consist of combinations of two or more metal's. The difference in these two materials is very slight and only makes a difference when extruding and manipulating the material in its raw state. Other advantages of brass include are increased durability, anti-bacterial properties and a closer colour match to gold leaf over other alloys.



What Lengths can I order?​


All CAT Brass Nosings and Staircase Accessories have a maximum length spec that can not be increased. However, all of our nosings can be ordered to measure to reduce wastage and fitting time on site. When measuring a flight of stairs for nosings, the steps should be numbered from top to bottom, indicating floor levels, flights and landings for the cutting and installation plan. Staircases with open sides should be measured oversize by 50 mm for cutting on-site.

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