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CAT Solid Brass Demarcation Studs

Typical Installation: To provide a demarcation boundary line, e.g. outside eating areas between coffee houses and at step edges. The low profile design does not present a trip hazard and will not confuse people with vision impairment.

Larger diameter studs can be used on roadways to demarcate parking bays, etc.

Surface pattern: Plain

Supplied: Mill Brass. Also available in pre-aged Antique finish.

Available Finishes:

  • Mill Brass​

  • Antique Brass

Size Options​:

  • Ø 25mm


Demarcation studs are designed to be retrofitted once the paving has been installed. Installation is by drilling holes at the desired spacings, typically 300mm centres. For further details, please contact the C.A.T. sales office. 


Brass Studs

Technical Data Sheet

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