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Solid Brass Ramp & Thresholds

CAT manufacture a comprehensive range of solid brass ramps designed for installations where hard floors meet at different heights. CAT offer both stick down large brass ramps as well as drilled ramps for mechanical fixings. Please select a brass ramp below for additional information.





Colours are shown for guidance only. Please request a sample for accurate referencing.

CAT Brass Flooring Ramps

CAT manufacture Solid Brass Ramps in a number of different dimensions and fixing types. These ramp profiles are sometimes called brass door bars or brass threshold strips and can be used with both fixed or floating floors. CAT's Brass Ramps are hand finished here in the UK and are available in a range of high-quality brass finishes including antique bronze and satin brass.


What is a Brass Ramp and when should I use it?


A brass ramp is an extruded length of solid brass designed with a gradual slope to connect two floors of different heights. You should use a ramped threshold when adjoining floors meet with different heights and both raw edges require covering. This is commonly caused by the installation of underfloor heating which can cause height discrepancies with adjoining rooms.

What are ramp thresholds made from?

Almost all CAT's brass ramps are manufactured from Solid Brass which is extremely durable in areas of high foot traffic. Our larger commercial ramp sections such as the BR17/70 includes a strong aluminium carrier making these large profiles commercially viable.

What does Stick-Fix mean?

The CAT Stick-Fix Symbol is shown on all ramp profiles which are available with a durable self-adhesive tape pre-applied. This makes installation quick and easy with no risk of drilling into the subfloor.

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