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carpet trims

Flooring Trims

CAT manufactures a comprehensive range of floor trims for theatres, restaurants, offices and residential homes. These flooring profiles are designed to be used with carpet, lvt flooring, oak flooring, ceramics and many other flooring installations. CAT Flooring profiles are available in various metals and UPVC in a wide range of finishes and colours.

Brass Flooring Cover Plates

Cover Plates

Aluminium, Solid Brass & Stainless Steel Cover Plates designed to bridge two floor coverings and hide the required expansions gap.

lvt trims

Designer Home Collection

8 striking finishes in 15 various profiles. Suitable for residential & light commercial use. The perfect finishing touch for any project.

Solid Brass Door Bars and Floor Trims

Solid Brass Trims

Solid Brass Trims designed for the highest quality installations. Available in 6 high-quality finished including Polished & Antique Brass.

Fab Floor Profiles and Door Thresholds

FAB™ Brass Trims

A great alternative to solid brass, the FAB Brass Flooring Trims Range provide CAT's exquisite brass finishes at fraction of the cost. 

Fab Stainless Steel Door Bars

FAB™ Stainless Steel Trims

A great alternative to solid trims, the FAB Stainless Steel Flooring Trims provide CAT's exquisite finishes at fraction of the cost. 

Aluminium Flooring Ramps

Ramps & Feather Edges

A comprehensive range of ramps for every flooring situation including materials such aluminium, brass and stainless steel.

CAT Clip In Floor Trims

Kliks™ Clip In Trims

CAT Kliks Clip In Flooring Profile System is height adjustable and is available in many styles such as ramps, cover plates & perimeter details.

Cat Kliks Trim Floor Bases

Kliks™ Clip In Bases

Kliks Bases are first fitted to the subfloor with the Klik top clip in profile being installed after both floor coverings have been fitted.

Aluminium Floorng Perimeter Trims

Perimeter Trims

A comprehensive range designed to enhance the appearance of the floor and to allow for expansion with timber floor installations.

Flooring Angles and Floor Edgings

Angles & Tag Trims

Angles allow the creation of a neat, straight edge between floor coverings. Also available as Tag Trims which can be curved on-site to suit requirements.

Flooring Feature Angles

Feature Angles

CAT Feature Angles adjoin two stone/ceramic floors of the same height. The top edge is highly finished to provide a feature line to the floor.

Black Floor Thresholds & Black Door Bars

Aluminium Ramps

A comprehensive range of Aluminium Flooring Ramps to accommodate various situations, heights and floor coverings.


Brass Ramps

Solid Brass Ramp Profiles supplied in four high-quality finishes including Antique Brass and Antique Bronze.



Stainless Steel Ramps

Highly resilient stainless steel ramps profiles designed for commercial applications and high traffic areas.


Feather Edges

Feather Edge Profiles provide a protective diminishing edge where there is a minor height difference between floor coverings.



Colours are shown for guidance only. Please request a sample for accurate referencing.

CAT manufactures a comprehensive range of flooring profiles using materials including solid brass, aluminium, stainless steel and PVC. These trims are manufactured in different shapes and dimensions to accommodate a wide selection of floor coverings and transitions such as carpet, LVT, timber, stone & ceramics. 

CAT prides itself on the range of finishes and colours that are available. There is a range of colours for each material and for each profile. For example, Solid Brass Flooring Ramps are available in our four signature brass finishes including polished brass, satin brass, antique brass & antique bronze. Each product page includes a list and an illustration of colours and finishes available.

Many of our flooring trims are known by different terms in different industries. Within the carpet industry, our profiles can be referred to as door bars, aluminium angles, carpet strips carpet to carpet strips, carpet to tile trims, Z bar and door threshold strips.


Can I Order Metal Flooring Trim Samples?


CAT are pleased to offer a fast international sample service for the entire range of flooring trims and accessories. Up to three samples can be requested using our online sample form.

Why are Door Thresholds required?

Our products such as floor cover plates, ramps and threshold strips are designed primarily to join two floor coverings together whilst enhancing the decor of the room. Many of our products including our perimeter trims are also designed to cover any expansion gap required by many floor coverings including oak flooring which expands and contracts with changes to the room's humidity and temperature.


How do I fix the flooring trim to the floor?


CAT has two main fixing options available. The first of these is called Stick-Fix these trims come pre-applied with a strong self-adhesive tape that adheres to the floor. CAT also punch or drill many of our trims with holes to allow them to be mechanically fixed to the subfloor. Adhesives such as F.Balls Stycoflex can also be used to secure these trims.

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