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Nosing & Floor Profile Fabrication

Hand made in the UK.

CAT provide a bespoke curving & fabrication service for flooring profiles and nosings. 


A customer templates in hardboard or similar rigid material is used to form the profile into the correct shape for easy and fast onsite fitting. When considering a profile, check with our customer service team if the profile can be curved to the shape required and provide as much information as is available to assist us in providing the best solution.

Curved Stair Nosings

Curved stair nosing formed to the template.

Mitred Stair Nosings Unwelded

Unwelded mitres for cutting in on-site where welded mitres are not suitable.

Brass Curved Stair Nosings.jpg
Mitred &Welded Stair Nosings

Mitred and welded returns are often used on treads in historical buildings where there are treads of differing size, including theatres and public buildings.

Capped Mitetred and Welded Stair Nosings
Capped Ends Stair Nosings

Capped ends can be produced on the end of stair nosings where there is an open string for aesthetic reasons.

CAT Capped Nosings

Templating for Fabrication 

How to Template Stair Nosings
How to Template Bullnose Stair Nosings

The length of this straight varies dependent upon the radius dimensions. An allowance should always be made when ordering formed profiles, particularly with this type of curve.

Template Information Required. Please note all fabricated stair nosings are supplied oversize for trimming on site. Please call our customer service team if you have any questions.

Lead Times

Lead times for curves are typically 14 working days and 28 working days for special finishes from receipt of order. For orders requiring multiple curves, please discuss delivery dates with our customer service team.


Fabrication Charges

Due to the bespoke nature CAT ask that you contact our customer service team to discuss your project and they will assist in providing a cost once the requirements have been established.

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Download our Fabrication

and Bespoke Product Guide

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