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Fab Brass Flooring Trims

Fab flooring trims are a great alternative to solid brass profiles. The FAB Brass Flooring Trims provide CAT's exquisite brass finishes at a reduced cost due to the weight reduction of brass per trim. The range includes carpet to carpet flooring trims as well as carpet to hard flooring trims such as carpet to tile. 

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Carpet to Carpet Door Bar

CAT Brass Fab Flooring Trims

CAT has been manufacturing specialist brass flooring trims for over 35 years. Our Fab range offers the same high-quality finishes as our solid trims without a brass base. The base of the Fab trims is manufactured out of aluminium. This allows CAT to offer these floor trims at a significantly reduced price when compared to the solid alternative.


The Fab Brass Flooring Trims also called brass door bars and are available for a range of uses including carpet to carpet, carpet to tile and carpet to wood flooring.


Will a Fab Antique Brass Carpet Trim match a solid carpet trim?


When ordered together our team will endeavour to produce matching finishes however the Antique Brass and Antique Bronze finishes are a chemically applied process and are hand finished with a variance from batch to batch. These profiles are not foot-traffic resistant and are designed to create an aged, unpolished effect.

Please note that brass profiles and samples will tarnish and change colour with age and moisture in the atmosphere. If you require a new sample or have any technical questions please email or call our customer service team on 01582 561500.

Why should I choose Fab Brass Trims over Solid Floor Profiles?


CAT Fab Brass Door Thresholds maintain the highly decorative finish that our solid brass trims have whilst reducing the total weight of brass in each trim. This reduces the overall cost of the flooring profile as aluminium is less valuable than brass.

Why are all of the CAT Profiles not available as Fab Trims?

CAT has carefully selected which floor profiles are available as Fabs to maintain their quality and finish. Many of our trims have complicated shapes which do not lend themselves to this type of manufacturing technique.

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