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FELINE A/12Z Carpet to Tile Designer Home Collection Floor Trim

Typical Installations include Carpet to Stone, carpet to tile and carpet to timber.

The CAT Feline A12Z DHC Aluminium Flooring Trims joins carpet to another floor such as ceramics or oak flooring. In the flooring industry, this carpet trim is occasionally referred to as a carpet to tile door bar or z bar. The A/12Z can also be dressed down to suit different heights on site making it a versatile profile. This premium carpet trim is also designed to allow for the expansion of the hard flooring if required.


Available Finishes:

  • Bright

  • Designer Satin

  • Bronze

  • Light Bronze

  • Pewter

  • Brushed Stainless

  • Onyx Black

Size Options​:

  • 0.900m

  • 2.715m

A/12Z Technical Data Sheets

DHC RETAIL samples.jpg
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