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Complete Guide to Stair Nosings & Flooring Trims

Welcome to the CAT WEB which contains more than 400 products and pages packed full of innovation, information and superb floor finishing trims, stair nosings, stair rods, wall corner protection and other products to help you finish off your project in the best way possible.

CAT recognise that it can be a daunting prospect when you first scan through the range but our excellent team of sales, technical and creative teams will be very happy to help you find the correct product for the finish required.


CAT has been designing and manufacturing high-quality products for more than 35 years and were responsible for many design firsts in the accessory manufacturing industry such as trims that can be curved on site, chrome-plated brass profiles and antique finishes.


Should you not find the product you are looking for in our existing range, for the project you are working on, we will work with you to design and make a profile that fulfils your design ambition. Depending on the quantity required we may adapt existing products to suit, fabricate special products from sheet materials or extrude new profiles from specially made dies.


Contact us for further details on bespoke products.


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CAT Stair Nosings

CAT Stair Nosings & Floor Finishing Trims

CAT has a reputation for the manufacture of the finest floor finishing trims in the world. Our products are fitted in all environments where quality, durability and value for money are required


Theatre Royal Drury Lane

CAT products are supplied for use in domestic and commercial properties including


  • Hotels

  • Theatre

  • Cinemas

  • Offices

  • Shops and Shopping Centres,

  • Stately Homes

  • Apartment Buildings

  • Restaurants

  • Museums

  • Residential Homes

There are even CAT products fitted in palaces around the world.

CAT make trims for all flooring types including Timber, Laminate, Carpet, Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT), Vinyl and Resin floors. Below is a beginners guide to the products CAT make.

Brass Stair Nosings

Stair Nosings

CAT manufactures a large range of stair nosings in Brass, Aluminium and Stainless Steel. Stair Nosings are used to protect the edge of stairs and prolong the life of the floor finishes in heavily-trafficked areas. This is mostly in commercial premises but they are also used in domestic locations in conjunction with LVT or vinyl tile installations.

Step Profiles are known by the following names to describe the shape of the front edge of the step:

Square Front or 90°


Brass Nosings & Available Finishes

Brass Nosings are supplied in the following finishes:

  • Satin Brass

  • Polished Brass


Brass nosings are also supplied in the extremely popular, hand-applied, antique finishes:

  • Antique Brass

  • Antique Bronze


Please note that although matched to control samples, the finish will vary from batch to batch.

Aluminium Nosings

Aluminium Nosings & Available Finishes

Aluminium Nosings are also supplied in different finishes:

  • Mill

  • Satin

  • Polished

Selected popular profiles are also available in a Black Anodised finish.

Stainless Nosings

Stainless Steel Nosings & Available Finishes

CAT Stainless steel nosings are fabricated from stainless steel sheet materials, in either Brushed or Bright finish.

External Nosings
Nosings for use Outdoors

CAT has a range of specialist external stair nosings. The Olympic Range are extremely durable and highly slip-resistant, specifically designed for use in outdoor environments experiencing medium to heavy traffic.

Nosings Gauges
Nosing Gauges

Stair Nosings are supplied in various thicknesses, the most popular of which are 2.5mm used with vinyl, resin, LVT and ceramic or stone and 5mm used with carpets, carpet tiles and LVT. Other thicknesses are also available, see catalogue for full offering.

2.5mm Gauge Aluminium Nosings

2.5mm Gauge used with vinyl, resin, LVT and ceramic or stone.

5mm Gauge Aluminium Nosings

5.0mm Gauge used with carpets, carpet tiles and  thicker LVT's.

Back Edges
Nosings & Back Edges

Depending on the type of floor finish the back edge of the stair nosing may be square, where the flooring butts up to the nosing or ramped, when the nosing sits on top of the floor finish.

Nosing Infills & Light Reflective Values (LRV's)

CAT not only offer stair nosings in solid metal but also with a channel rebate to accept a separate infill which is a slip-resistant material in PVC or metal and is inserted into the channel.

Building regulations require that the stair nosing contrasts with the flooring material by at least 30 points on the Light Reflectance scale.


The Light Reflectance Scale is calibrated from 0 to 100 and measures how much light is reflected from the colour and shade of material where 4.25 = Black and 84.22 = White.


All our carriers & infills have been independently tested and allocated a Light Reflectance Value (LRV) to assist specifiers and contractors in correctly achieving the required contrast to meet current regulations.

Castellated: LRV 4.25

Textured: LRV 4.47

Castellated: LRV 7.02

Textured: LRV 7.14

Castellated: LRV 5.88

Textured: LRV 6.04

Castellated: LRV 6.38

Textured: LRV 6.59

Castellated: LRV 5.83

Textured: LRV 6.09

Castellated: LRV 84.22

Textured: LRV 88.85


Castellated: LRV 5.16

Textured: LRV 5.37

Castellated: LRV 5.52

Textured: LRV 5.79

Castellated: LRV 7.33

Textured: LRV 7.52

Porth Stone

Castellated: LRV 52.91

Textured: LRV 53.11

Light Grey

Castellated: LRV 12.33

Textured: LRV 12.74

Mid Blue

Castellated: LRV 6.53

Textured: LRV 6.71

Castellated: LRV 11.27

Textured: LRV 11.53

Castellated: LRV 54.91

Textured: LRV 55.11

Polar Grey

Castellated: LRV 42.53

Textured: LRV 42.73

Site Measures
Nosing Sizes & Site Measures

CAT usually supply our stair nosings cut to step sizes provided by the customer. These cuts are taken from stock lengths calculated to leave the minimum amount of waste.

For project orders, requiring more than 100 linear metres of stair nosings, CAT offers a site measuring service. Once we have received the order, we will send a surveyor to the site to check sizes and confirm the profile suitability.


Please note that this is location-dependent and is at the discretion of the sales director.

Floor Trims

Floor Finishing Trims

Over the last 35 years, the type and number of floor finishing trims on the market have grown from 15 commonly used profiles in 3 finishes to more than 400, some of these in 7 finishes. This has been in response to increasing different types of flooring being offered to the market and more demanding design requirements by interior designers, architects and specifiers.

CAT has led the way, innovating and responding to the needs of the industry, creating imaginative, attractive, functional solutions and always keeping quality in mind.


Our Designer Home Collection of products, aimed at the domestic environment, has become a firm favourite of designers and specifiers.

Floor finishing trims are known by various names and familiarising yourself with the following will assist you in understanding the products and their uses.

Designer Home Collection Floor Trims
Double Naplock
Single Leg
Double Naplocks

Double Naplock / Twingrip/ Double Doorbar, Threshold Plate, usually used to join 2 carpets in a doorway. Examples of CAT products: Feline 2, Feline A/9/2.

FELINE 2 Carpet Trim


Single Leg Twin

Single Leg Twin/ Z Edge, for finishing carpets to hard floors at the same level. Examples of CAT products: Feline 1, Feline A/10


Single Naplock
Single Naplocks

Single Naplock/ Single Doorbar, for finishing carpets to hard floors at different levels. Examples of CAT products: BNF, ANF

Cover Plate
Cover Plates

Cover Plate / Cover Strip,  for covering joint in 2 floors of the same height. May be supplied drilled or in stick down format. Examples of CAT products: BC38, AC38.

Square Edge
Square Edge

Square Edge, often used for finishing carpets to hard floors of the same height, creating matwells or edging floor traps. Examples of CAT products: CAP IT & Feline Edge.

T Profiles
T Profiles

T Profiles fitted to cover joins between hard floors such as stone and timber. Examples of CAT products: Feline AT, Feline T.


Ramp Profiles
Clip In Profiles

Ramp Profiles

Ramp Profiles trims used to transition between floor finishes of different heights. Stick fix or screw down options. Examples of CAT products: AR8, BR8, AR63 plus many others.

Clip-In Profiles

Clip-in Profiles, these are trim systems where a base profile is fitted between flooring materials and a top profile is clipped into the base. Originally used to cover expansion joints in timber floors but now used in many different situations. A concealed  fixing system, available as twin tops or ramps. Examples of CAT products are Kliks, Kliks Slim and Spectrum.

Kliks Slim Twin Top

Angles & Tag Trims
Angle Edge & Tag Trims

Angle Edge and Tag Trim. Angles are fitted as a neat definition between two floor finishes. Tag Trim is the formable version of an angle edge that can be curved on-site and is used to make curved outlines in the flooring. We make these profiles with upstands in various heights, from 4.5mm to 25mm. The top edge of the upstand is usually 3mm thick on aluminium and brass angles, 2.4mm on stainless steel. We also offer angles with 6mm and 6.5mm top edges as shown in our Mainline and B6 Brass Capped products.

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