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CAT Kliks Spectrum Zip Profiles come in up to 8 colours are designed to adjoin carpet to ceramic, carpet to timber and timber to timber. The profile is curvable & height adjustable onsite making the Kliks Spectrum Range extremely versatile. 

Formable and Height Adjustable Trims

Kliks profiles have been designed for simple installation. With versatile height adjustment and pre-drilled bases, the Spectrum Zip range is quick and easy to install. Spectrum Zip is also curvable on-site when installed with uPVC bases KB1, KB2 & KB3.

Stage 1: Bases are secured to the sub-floor with *adhesive and No.6 countersunk screws.

Stage 2: Once the base is firmly secured to the sub-floor, the flooring can be laid up to the base section.

Stage 3: The top section may then be fitted by hand or using a soft mallet if necessary.

CAT KLIKS Clip In Floor Trims

KB Bases Kliks™ Clip In Flooring Profiles System

uPVC bases for Kliks™ tops, supplied pre-drilled. Select base dependent upon height of floor covering. Bases have an interlocking barb design for height adjustment when tops are secured.

KAB38 - Discontinued

KB Base Fitting Example

CAT KB2 Fitting Example Step 1

Step 1

Select appropriate uPVC base and mechanically fix and bed into adhesive to dust free sub floor.

CAT KB2 Fitting Example Step 2

Step 2

Floor coverings fitted up to uPVC base as per expansion requirements & floor covering manufacturers specification.

CAT KB2 Fitting Example Step 3

Step 3

Chosen CAT Trim fitted into base and dressed down to required height. ( Profile Shown Kliks Twin Top )

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