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Krispy Kreme

Project: Krispy Kreme

Location: N/A



C.A.T. AR110/10 aluminium ramp profile bridges the height difference in this Krispy Kreme venue in the circulation walkway area of a shopping centre. This height difference created difficulty for pushchairs and mobility scooters, so a solution was critical.


Having a wide profile (110mm) created less of an incline resulting in a smoother transition from one level to the other.

Since opening the first store within Harrods in 2003, Krispy Kreme - the home of the original glazed doughnut has grown in the UK with 130 retail shops and availability in 1,000 retail partners in 2020.

C.A.T. have a wide range of ramp profiles suitable for commercial installations, available in brass, aluminium, chequer plate, stainless steel and uPVC.

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