Stair Nosing Slip Resistance Values

SRV's or Slip Resistance Values determine the classification of slip resistance between, High, Moderate and Low Slip Potential.

Slip Resistance Values (SRV's)

CAT stair nosing infills and treads have been independently tested for slip resistance values (SRV). For use in dry conditions, all our stair nosing's and infill test results show a low risk of slip, contributing to the overall safety aspect of interior staircase installations.


CAT also manufacture a range of purpose-designed stair nosing's for use in an external or wet area, which also shows a low risk of slip in wet conditions. The values published are for the normal direction of travel when installed on stairs, i.e., ascending and descending. It must be noted that many factors will contribute to the safety of stairs, not solely the floor covering or the stair nosing fitted.


Type of footwear worn, poor maintenance, obstructions, surface contaminants, hurrying, distraction and the influence of alcohol and drugs all have a significant impact on stair safety. End users and facilities managers should consider regular inspection of stair installations and act to minimise the risks within their control. Please contact our sales office for more information and advice.

Test Method

The independent test method used is the Pendulum 4S in conjunction with the guidelines recommended by the UK Slip Resistance Group. UK Slip Resistance Group classified the degree of slip resistance as shown below.




High Slip Potential

Moderate Slip Potential

Low Slip Potential

PTV Pendulum Test Value

0 - 24 PTV

25 - 35 PTV

36 +

Castellated PVC Infill - Standard Supply

SRV    PTV Dry 85 --- PTV Wet 76

SRV's_0005_Castellated PVC.jpg

ATI 49.5 & BTI 49.5 Tread Inserts

SRV    PTV Dry 82 --- PTV Wet 54


Ribbed Treads - Brass & Aluminium

SRV    PTV Dry 73--- PTV Wet 45

SRV's_0001_Ribbed Brass.jpg

Smooth Textured PVC Infill

SRV    PTV Dry 65 --- PTV Wet 56

SRV's_0004_Smooth Textured.jpg

Olympic Carborundum

SRV    PTV Dry 92 --- PTV Wet 86

SRV's_0002_Olympic Carborundum.jpg

Castellated Treads - Aluminium

SRV    PTV Dry 82 --- PTV Wet 54



Colours are shown for guidance only. Please request a sample for accurate referencing.