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Solid Brass Flooring Trims & Brass Carpet Trims & Brass Door Threshold

CAT have been manufacturing brass flooring profiles for over 35 years. These profiles are designed for high-quality residential properties & exclusive commercial projects.  The Antique Brass and Antique Bronze finishes are a chemically applied process & are hand finished with a variance from batch to batch. These profiles are not foot-traffic resistant and are designed to create an aged, unpolished effect.

Please note that brass profiles and samples will tarnish and change colour with age and moisture in the atmosphere. If you require a new sample or have any technical questions please email or call our customer service team on 01582 561500.

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FELINE 2 Brass Carpet Trim

FELINE 4 Carpet Trim

FELINE 1 Carpet to Wood Floor Trim

BNF Brass Carpet Trim

BC28 SF Cover Plate

BLE/2 SF Brass Ramp

BR15 SF Brass Ramp

BC38 SF Cover Plate

BR8 SF Brass Ramp

BR12 SF Brass Ramp

BNFE30 Ramp Detail

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Solid Brass Flooring Trims & Brass Carpet Trims

CAT has been manufacturing solid brass flooring trims & brass door bars for over 35 years. Our range can be divided into different trim categories but all are available in a selection of lengths and finishes such as polished brass, satin brass, antique brass, antique bronze, chrome and satin chrome.

The first category is the carpet trims. These profiles accept carpet on one side of the trim and another floor covering on the other. Trim combinations include double carpet to carpet, carpet to wood floor, carpet to tile and single naplock profiles which are carpet finishing trims.

The second category is brass cover plates. These flooring trims are designed to bridge the gap between two level floor coverings, protect the edges and allow for any expansion which may be required. CAT provide both stick-fix options and drilled trims for mechanical fixings to the sub-floor.

The third category is flooring ramp profiles. These trims much like the cover plates are designed to protect the edge of the floor and to allow for expansion. These trims however are designed to accommodate a height discrepancy between the floor coverings. For example, lets say we are fitting an oak floor in a kitchen extension however once complete the hallway floor is 8mm lower. In this case, a BR8 Ramp Profile could be fitted to accommodate the 8mm drop.


How can I order these Flooring Profiles?


The CAT Brass Flooring profiles are sometimes termed door thresholds, door bars, brass threshold strips and brass carpet thresholds. These CAT profiles are stocked by many flooring suppliers and wholesalers across the UK. Please ask your Flooring Contractor about CAT products or please call our customer service team on 01582 561 500 who will guide you to your nearest supplier.

Why should I choose Solid Brass Trims?


CAT Solid Brass Thresholds are highly decorative and are available in six high-quality finishes including polished brass, satin brass, antique brass, antique bronze, chrome and satin chrome.

What Size and Shape do I choose?

The choice between the trims available strongly hinges on the floor coverings being used and the difference in floor height if any. For example, if you are having carpet fitted in two adjoining rooms and both subfloors are the same height then a carpet to carpet trim such as the Feline 2 would be perfect. If however, you had carpet to oak flooring or carpet to tiles then a Feline 1 would accept the carpet and hide the expansion required to the hard flooring.

For another example, imagine you are having an LVT such as Amtico or Karndean fitted in a kitchen. If the new floor will finish 8mm higher than the floor in an adjoining room then the BR8 Brass Ramp will accommodate this drop in height whilst protecting the edges of the floors.

If you are unsure about what trim is required please consult with your architect or flooring contractor or please call our customer service team on 01582 561 500 for assistance.

What is the difference between and Brass Flooring Profile and a Brass Door Bar?


There is no fundamental difference between a brass flooring profile a brass door bar and a brass floor trim. Different industries over the years have coined their own phrases including transition strips and brass thresholds. Any brass profile which adjoins two flooring types can be categorized by any of these terms.

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