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Floor or Wall Stainless Steel Inlay Strips

Typical Installation: To create designs and patterns on floors and walls. Tolerance allowance should always be made when rebating to allow for any variation in size.

Please note that the finishes are to the top edge and approximately 3mm below the vertical edges. Where the finish is also required on another aspect of the profile, please consult with the sales office.

Available Sizes:

  • FPSS 10mm x 3mm

  • FPSS 12mm x 5mm

Available Finishes:

  • Mill Stainless Steel

Size Options​:

  • 2.000m

10 x 3 Technical

Data Sheet

Mill Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel Inlay Flooring Strips

12 x 5 Technical

Data Sheet

Also Available in Brass

CAT Metal Inlay Strips are alternatively available in our high-quality solid brass finishes.

CAT Brass Inlay Strips
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