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Vertex™ Wall Corner Guards

Vertex™ wall corner protection is supplied undrilled with Stick Fix™ tape pre-applied. Typical installations of corner guards include airports, train stations, shopping centres and all commercial areas where columns and corners require protection. Other sizes are available subject to minimum quantities. Aluminium vertex corner guards are available in powder coat finishes to special order. 
Packed 6 x Lengths per tube.
Please contact CAT customer service team for further information on our Metal Corner Guards on 01582 561 500.

Aluminium Vertex Profiles

Brass Vertex Profiles

Stainless Steel Vertex

Vertex Wall Protection are a versatile solution designed to protect corners and edges of walls in various settings, including commercial and industrial spaces. These vertex guards are commonly used in environments like offices, schools, hospitals, and other public places to safeguard walls from damage caused by impact, furniture, or other equipment.

Corner Guards offer a lot of benefits a few include durability, protection and they are easy to maintain. 

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