Reflex Movement Joints

Reflex profiles are a range of expansion and movement joints which are designed for use with all hard flooring, eliminating cracking and protecting edges against erosion. Reflex has good acid and alkali resistance and has good stain resistance properties. The joints will readily compress by 20% helping to eliminate cracking and de-lamination of the floor finish caused by building movement or thermal  expansion and contraction.

CAT_0004_BRASS  RAD 3D.jpg

Matt Brass

Double Leg Profiles

CAT_0003_RAD 3D.jpg

Mill Aluminium

CAT_0005_Stainless Steel RSD 3D.jpg

Stainless Steel 304L


Matt Brass

Matt Brass

Single Leg Profiles


Mill Aluminium

CAT_0002_Stainless Steel RSS 3D.jpg

Stainless Steel 304L

Reflex Brass Movement Joints

Reflex RBD9

Reflex RBD19

Reflex RBS16

Reflex RBD13

Reflex RBS9

Reflex RBS19

Reflex RBD16

Reflex RBS13

Reflex Aluminium Movement Joints

Reflex RAD9

Reflex RAD19

Reflex RAS16

Reflex RAD13

Reflex RAS9

Reflex RAS19

Reflex RAD16

Reflex RAS13

Reflex Stainless Steel Movement Joints

Reflex RSD9

Reflex RSD19

Reflex RSS16

Reflex RSD13

Reflex RSS9

Reflex RSS19

Reflex RSD16

Reflex RSS13